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Discover new products and bestsellers from the range of sheet music published by Obrasso. The Obrasso catalogues are only available in digital PDF format and can be downloaded from the Obrasso website.

Sheet music for Symphony Orchestra

At Obrasso you will find almost exclusively orchestral sheet music that is not available anywhere else. Many of them were arranged especially for concert performances in the KKL Lucerne.

The orchestral scores are available in two instrumentations - for full symphony orchestra and for youth symphony orchestra with reduced instrumentation.

You can find rehearsal scores directly in our webshop.

Orchestra Series

Special Series for Bands with Variable Instrumentations

These days you have to be flexible. So that you can flexibly organise rehearsals and concerts in your music society, we have compiled our variable sheet music editions for brass band, wind orchestra and youth orchestra in a new sheet music catalogue.

You can find rehearsal scores and audio samples directly in our webshop.

Special Series

The Ensemble Series from Obrasso

As a result of the corona pandemic, in many parts of the world performing music is only possible in ensembles. Obrasso publishing has reacted and expanded the range of sheet music for smaller ensembles massively.

In the newest catalogue "Brass Ensemble Series" we present over 400 works for quartet, quintet, sextet and 10-piece brass ensemble by Obrasso. Rehearsal scores for all titles can be found directly in our webshop.

Ensemble Series

Top Editions 2021 from Obrasso

In the current sheet music catalogue "Top Editions 2021" you will find all bestsellers and new releases from Obrasso music publishing. For all titles you can see at a glance for which instrumentations sheet music is available.

Top Editions 2021

Solo and Duet Books for Brass Instruments

Obrasso Verlag is expanding its range of sheet music for solo and duet literature. As a result of the Corona pandemic, more and more music has to be played alone or in small groups, we have expanded our range.

We would especially like to highlight the brand new soloist books "The Artist Soloist". These comprehensive music books are available for numerous brass instruments.

Download the new catalogue Solo and Duet Sheet Music Books 2021 now.

Solo & Duet Series